Wednesday, January 16, 2013

He is my Lord...who knows me well.

     Lately, I have been paying attention to the details of my life and God has been sending me messages through people.  One of those people has been my auntie Teresa in Chicago.  She is a woman of God who has always spoken truth and light into my life.  This is the latest message she sent me from the women's bible she gifted me..

"Every woman who walks with God walks through storms, winds, and rain.  O woman of God, your life is filled with challenges and victories, smiles and tears.  You are a careful blend of life's many spices.  Your personality is a potpourri of so many different things that years of knowing you will not reveal everything that makes you who you are.  You are carefully concocted and slowly simmered, stirred patiently by the Lord.  It is amazing how deliberate God is in preparing you for your destiny.  He knows exactly how long it will take.  He knows who to send into your life.  He knows what events it will take to bring you to a place of maturity in Him.  He is your lord.

It does not take long to realize that though you may have many admirers, friends, and family, none will ever take the place of your Lord.  His place in your life is the foundation of every success you will ever enjoy.  He will be there in every moment of pain and glory.  He is the force that brings the pieces of your life together.  It is His tender love for you that keeps your mind from breaking under the stress of life.  And when all is said and done, no one can comfort you or hold you like He can.

You may be prosperous in your business, secure in your relationships, confident in who you are, but it is all because of Him.  It is knowing Him that gives you the grace to endure transitions, to withstand opposition, and to deflect the ammunition of the enemy.  He enables you to know when the day is at its end.  He will watch you through the night and His kiss will being you out of your sleep come dawn.  He is your Lord.

Oh yes, for men it is a privilege to know and love, hold and touch a lady of excellence.  It is an honor to be born out of your womb.  It is a distinct privilege to take your hand in marriage.  It is a joy to hear the laughter that comes from the mouth of a woman whose heart is filled with love and peace.  We watch you like admirers in a museum.  We appreciate you like connoisseurs of fine cuisine.  But, when all is said and done, there is a part of your life that none can touch-but your Lord.

So know Him and love Him and worship Him.  Of all the men on earth, no one can ever speak to your spirit or heal your heart like your Lord."  
                                                                        (from Women's Bible, T.D. Jakes)

Thank you Titi Tere for sharing this with me and always guiding me back to what is good and true.  Thank you for being an instrument of God's glory to bring others peace and light and always teaching me to do the same.  To God all the glory!