MAY 2014
Viaje para Chicago para el cumpleaños de mi querida Mama...
Also, my Lay Ministry Commissioning and more events in NYC...

Bellas flores de mami y papi 
Papi haciendo el puzzle de Times Square
Mami y yo nos vamos de compras!
Siempre será Sears Tower
Stained Glass 
Bella y Bendecida Eliana durante su primera communion
Con la linda Xiomara!
Cumpleaños de Chikybean
Una Pina Colada para su cumpleaños!
Mi hermano Angel y papi 
Con mi querida ahijada Jocelyn 
Un beso dulce de mi angelito 
Con mi comadre Vivian y ahijada Angeli 
Con mi querida mami 
Fuimos al cine 
A comer helado en Margie's! 
El caramelo de mami en Margie's! Que rico!
Con mi lindo Mateo
Jugando Dominos
Con mi ahijada Maiah
Las tres mosqueteras! 
Mami y Papi 
Disfrutando de musica en vivo 
Me and my Titi Teresa

Papi and my Tio Chencho

Back in NYC…my support team for my commissioning

I finally did it!

With Father Brady

APRIL 2014
April was a busy month filled with several accomplishments and completion of BIG goals. 

A HUGE accomplishment in my life!
A little BIG message from a friend…
An unexpected gift from a friend (Rosa Allen) 
Lay Ministry Workshop 
Cute painting on a wall..
Another BIG accomplishment I hope to put
into action soon!
Advocacy Academy last session
So much to absorb in so little time!
Our leaders who guided through process
Our biggest supporter Celeste!
With Reverend Joel Gibson
Criteria for presentations
With Community Organizer Carmen Dixon
Out with the girls visiting from the Bay :)
Dinner with the girls at El Basurero..way too much food!

The gift of flowers from a parishioners garden at the completion of my Bible Series Ministry

Catching up with my darling friend Regina!

Dinner at Bare Burger

My favorite Sweet Potato Fries-YUM

At Champignon

With my Auntie Ana-happy she is happy!

Hey how did this get in here?  Selfie!

Cesar-my dear friend in Christ 

First time at the Urban Juke Joint-So Fly!

A short sentence with a big message

A gift from an old friend

Guastavino's-A beautiful place

Celebrating the settlement's accomplishments

MARCH 2014

Advocacy Academy 2014 begins!

Lent 2014

Doors to the Parish of Calvary-NY

Quality time with Nani

Best burgers in NYC!

Adoration at St. Patricks Cathedral 

A stroll down memory lane

Chiky and Macho visiting NYC!

We are on the map!


Oh Google!

Birthday Lunch with AMAZING co-workers and friends

The big 33-Time to make a wish!

Nayelis and me

All my birthday goodies!

Birthday flowers from my friend Gus

Celebrating at Harlem tavern with friends!

Amazing and creative gift from someone special!

Birthday cake #3-yummy strawberry!

Meeting Pedro

Valentine's Day-Ethiopian Cuisine

Valentine's Day-Honey Wine



La Casa Azul Bookstore-East Harlem

Faith-Rooted Organizing Conference-Union Theological Seminary

Faith Rooted Organizing Conference-Samantha and I

with Rev. Dr. Raymond Rivera

Faith-rooted Organizing Conference

the right idea!

Snowfall 2014

Winter Wonderland 2014-Samatha and Gus

Winter Wonderland 2014

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