Saturday, June 30, 2012

How quickly we forget...

     Last night I had a conversation with my best friend. We talked about many of the political issues that are currently taking place in this country. Its often complicated to discuss politics or religion with anyone. Its so easy to think that our opinions are the ones that should stand above all. It takes a lot to see beyond one's point of view and know that its okay to agree to disagree. The conversation was exactly what I felt I needed because lately I've been so consumed by my own personal feelings toward my own personal world. I needed to be taken outside of myself and realize there is so much going on in the world and in the place where we live in. There is so much work to be done out there. There is a force inside of me that has always wanted to serve others. However, how can I serve others without making sure that I am well myself. This was one of the important points my best friend pointed out in our conversation. We do have to make sure that all is well with ourselves and our families first before we try to step outside of ourselves. I do believe that being an example is the first step. In the process of helping ourselves we inspire others to do the same.

     However, when it comes to national politics it can get complicated. There are elections that have to take place and the candidates are not thinking about making changes, their priority is to get elected first.  It takes a really humble person to think about the issues of the world on a deeper level and to want the same for the world that he or she has for himself. When it comes to a president having to make decisions for the country he or she serves, to be humble is a sign of weakness. A lot has rested on the shoulders of our current president but many people forget that. Everyone wants their issues to be on the forefront of everything. However, our current president has been gracefully tackling the most pressing issues that he has had to face. He doesn't think about gaining political status, he thinks about the millions of people that will be affected by the decisions he makes. Its so surreal that many people choose not to support him because he has not placed their agenda as a priority.  He is much too real of a person that has not been tainted by the wraths of money and political power.  Yet he is in an environment where he can be easily consumed by those things.  I admire his ability to be true to himself, his family, and to the country he was chosen to serve.  To me that is a true servant leader and someone I can trust to make decisions not for quick political change, but for long and enduring change.*

    I challenge folks to pray for our current president that he may be blessed with the wisdom and courage to make the decisions that will benefit us all in the long run.  That he can be the voice to the voiceless and that he can focus on the most pressing issues that affect us all even if it may not be what we want him to tackle first. 


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