Sunday, April 14, 2013

Spiritual Sunday

     Today I woke up feeling renewed and refreshed.  After reading the scriptures of today I decided to go for a walk in my new neighborhood.  Although I do miss my old neighborhood and neighbors, I must say I truly heart my new nook in Astoria, Queens.  Since I've lived in Queens New York I have had a desire to move to Astoria and here I am just a few blocks from the park.  I took a few photos while I took my morning walk on such a beautiful sunny day.  Here are some of them:

         The scripture readings for today were deep and meaningful and I am glad I was able to take a walk before mass to contemplate on them.   The first reading was about the apostles being reprimanded for teaching in the name of Jesus. Though they were given a warning not to, the apostles were pleased that they were able to suffer for the sake of Jesus' name.  It makes me wonder how often do we place ourselves in a position of suffering or ridicule or awkwardness for the sake of Jesus' name???  The second reading was from the Book of Revelations which is said to have been written by John the apostle.  This reading was hard to comprehend but if you read it for yourself you might get a clear picture in your mind of angels and our elders gathering to worship the Lord (Beautiful!)  The Gospel reading was from the Book of Acts about the third time that Jesus appeared to the apostles since His Resurrection.  This time the apostles were attempting to fish on a boat but could not make a good catch.  When Jesus spoke to them and at least one of them believed it was Jesus, their nets were suddenly bursting with catch.  It made me think about how just one person's faith can change things for the better of themselves and others.  

        My walk ended at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church where I made it just in time for 12:30 Spanish mass.  Father Ogle gave the mass today and also did the homily.  Here are some of the notes I took from the homily:

Faith + Faithfulness = Easter

Two basic principles in the readings:
1) put our faith into action and
2) reaffirm our faithfulness to Christ

How do I live my faith in action?
How can I reaffirm my faith in Christ?
How can that faith be lived in my relationships with others and for the good of the church?
How can we LIVE our baptism?

      These will be just a few things for me to contemplate on this week.  Also during the mass there was also a special ceremony done for a gentleman who is becoming a deacon.  At the end of the homily he reaffirmed his faith in Christ and made his vows and/or promises accordingly.  It was beautiful and unexpected to witness such an event (and it gave me an opportunity to pull out my camera and snap a few pics..wink, wink).  As I sat there and watched the ceremony I wondered how it felt to become a deacon.  I know many women in the Catholic Church are often contemplating on what their place is when our options are limited.  Today I will pray for this deacon and his ministry, and I will also pray for the future of women in the church.  

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish, Astoria 

Celebrating Easter Season

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tm said...

Thank you for writing again. I'm going to re-read today's readings and consider that questions you posed...

Rose will be Rose said...

Your welcome Tina..its great to hear from you..hope things are good..yesterday's readings were deep and profound, I really love this time of Easter through Pentecost : )