Wednesday, April 21, 2010

To God the Glory

Its been a little while since I’ve written. I’ve been a bit sick to my stomach....literally. I am still not quite 100% but this is a wake up call to eat healthier. I had been trying to change my eating habits for at least a month know and it seemed like it was not happening being it just up to me. Getting sick has really helped me get back on track, I hate to But of course life goes on and thanks to God I managed to continue my routine. On Sunday I was on call for SAVI and actually got a call a little after 10:00 a.m.. I went in to advocate for a 28 year old male who was being physically abused by the mother of his child. I wasn’t sure how this was gonna go as the survivor of domestic violence is usually a woman. That goes to show you there is always the exception. I prayed about it and thankfully everything went smooth. I really hope and pray that things work out for him and especially his 3 year old son.

It was really a challenge to listen to this man speak without me wanting to interrupt him and tell him what he SHOULD have done. That is the difference between going through training and not going through training. Through training I learned that an advocate is there to LISTEN and ADVOCATE for the survivor, no matter what. We have to leave our personal issues outside of that space. We are not there to solve problems, we are there to make sure that our survivor gets the best possible care in the emergency room considering there are so many people involved i. e. doctor, nurse, P.A., social worker, sometimes the cops, the D.A, and none of those people can really look out for the survivors best interest, they all have a specific job to do. I realize that its really a skill and a gift to be an advocate. I thank God for leading me to become an advocate.

On Monday I just planned on going to the gym after work then my friend sent me an invite to theology on tap in Manhattan. There was going to be a speaker talking about the theme “Can God be trusted?” . Whatever I felt when I read that theme, I knew that I had to be there. So after the gym I headed to Metro 53 and met my friend there. It turns out we are both going through a similar “drought” and perhaps a challenging phase in our spiritual/religious life. Not only us two but I believe truly that all of us in the young adult group are going through many changes. Many of us have entered relationships that are challenging us to think about what our convictions are. What do we really believe in, and what are our values? Though I am going through a bit of a traditional prayer drought, I am praying in heart and soul for all of us. May the Lord shows us where we should place our foot next. May His will be done in all of our lives.

I remember the speaker had a wonderful sense of humor and was a really good speaker. His credentials were very impressive. Yet what I remember the most is how he completely got choked up when he had to answer the question “Can God be trusted?” He did that twice and the second time he had tears coming down his face. When I first read that theme I was never thinking that God cannot be trusted. In fact I COMPLETELY understood why he got all choked up about it. After all since I was a little girl that is what I have always believed. Not because I was naive or ignorant but because when I went to bed at night and everyone else was sleeping, that is when I really felt His presence. Because of Him I faced my fear of lightning at night. What I thought was dangerous then, now reminds me of how real the glory of God is.

Which reminds me of something I’ve had in my unconscious lately, the glory of God. I realize that the glory of God can be manifested in anything and everything we do, in who we are, in all things big and small. Yes I believe that God’s glory is manifested the most in the difficult times in the things we consider bad or ugly. That is where the glory of God is. And when I think about that passage in the bible that says blessed are the poor in spirit, I realize that in the poor is where the glory of God is manifested the most. It is through our struggle that we feel the most passionate. It is through our struggle that we see the glory of God.

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