Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spiritual Sunday

It has been a challenging couple of weeks, filled with ups and downs. It seems like one minute everything is okay and the next minute things become challenging again. It is easy to think that things will never be the same, or to lose hope, or even to feel that God is not available at the moment things get hard. However, I am grateful that I have not allowed any of those moments of doubt to completely consume me. I continue to pray through it and spend quality time with God and with loved ones to help me through.

Below are a list of photos from the past couple of weeks, they all have meaning in my life and have all to do with my relationship with God and with loved ones. As they say, "A picture is worth a thousand words" and can immediately trigger a memory, these all come from good times.

On my way to class every Tuesday, I stop at Andy's to get my morning tea and I get a short but sweet message attached to my tea bag each time. This message reminded me of the thought I had of spending my summer in Chicago this year (still praying and contemplating on it.)

I took this photo at Sunday Mass this morning. The English readings always have a neat reflection at the beginning. This is a reflection to the Gospel of John 2:13-25 "the Cleansing of the Temple."

This is from my Lenten Reflections booklet I read every morning. Ever since I read this one, I have been truly having several unplanned moments in my life that I can truly see as graced moments. Last Thursday I ended class at noon and usually would come home but stuck around and ended up having a great conversation with friends at school. We even discussed the possibility of starting a social work blog together (praying that we can make it happen). On Friday, my boyfriend (Diego) of almost 3 years and I went for dinner. We had no idea where we were going but ended up having a wonderful Greek dinner and spending some time perusing the shelves at Barnes and Nobles. Those are just two examples of several unplanned moments turned graced moments in my life lately.
I received this beautiful journal from my darling friend Hilda. The funny thing is that she had been telling me about the gift since my actual birthday in February, but was telling me she was not done with it yet. The journal contained some really meaningful treasures that reflect her beautiful and big heart and soul. The real gift for me is just to have her friendship, but she is one of those people who truly invests in her loved ones. I am very lucky and blessed to have her in my life. I will definitely be "keeping track of all the feasts of life during this chapter in my life."

On Friday, at my internship it was one of the counselor's last day of work there. His students were so sad to see him go and he was also very emotional to leave and begin his new journey. One of his students brought his guitar and at the end of the day we were in my office singing the song "the good life" by OneRepublic. This was the message that was written on his guitar and I just had to take a photo of it. To me it truly reflects how much meaning music has during our adolescence.


tina matilde said...

thank you for sharing such beautiful reflections. i've also been at the point where i am accepting the unexpected and embracing the moments of grace that God brings to our lives.

what lenten reflections booklet are you using?

Rose will be Rose said...

I am glad the message also spoke to you. Our parish actually ordered these little books for lent. This is the website for them they are also available in Spanish. They are basically six-minute meditations which are perfect considering the hectic life that we live. Wishing you a graceful Lent Season : )

tina matilde said...

wonderful! wishing you the same :)

Hil said...

thank you for sharing your words and appreciation. your stories are very honest and motivating. your friendship has also been a such blessing to me as well! don't know how I would have got through many moments without your compassion, spirituality, and understanding. thank God for our connection, for the "unplanned", and for all those stressful moments that have inspired change =)