Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Visit from mom in NYC (day 1)

     Summer has officially began for me.  Last week Saturday I finished my last paper to close my first year of grad school.  Since then I’ve been unwinding and slowly motivating myself to be normal again and not a mad scientist doing research and writing papers.  In fact, its been a whole week and I am barely writing this because I’ve been taking a break from the computer for a while.  Though I must say I’m still experiencing anxiety about exams and papers when I sleep at night, but hopefully that will go away soon.  One great way to begin my summer of freedom from grad school is with my mom being in town.  She arrived on Tuesday and I am so happy that she is here.  Just having her here makes me feel peace and hope and most of all LOVED.  There is nothing like a mother’s love and I am grateful that I have my mother’s unconditional love that fills me up.  I truly hope that she is enjoying herself and that we are bonding.  Its the first time she comes to visit on her own so we are spending some good quality time together.  

     Yesterday after I got off of work I came home and she had made an AMAZING dinner.  After I ate we headed to walk the Queensborough bridge together.  It was so much fun and good exercise.  We walked all the way to 5th avenue to visit St. Patrick's Cathedral.  Then we went through the Rockefeller Center and headed on to Times Square.  We took tons of photos (some are below).  Then we finally sat down at McDonald's in Times Square to eat hot fudge and strawberry sundaes with large fries...YUM!!! It was truly such a fun and beautiful night.  We were both so very tired when we got home that we fell right asleep! 

On our way to walk the Queensborough Bridge in LIC, Queens
De camino a cruzar el puente de Queensborough en LIC, Queens
Halfway across the bridge!
Llegamos al medio del puente!

At the Rockefeller Center Garden
En el jardin del Rockefeller Center

Two roses in the garden
Dos rosas en el Jardin

Jumbo Coca Cola!
Coca Cola gigante!

Mmm Jumbo Mug of Tea or Hot Chocolate..
Que rico una gigante taza de te o chocolate..
A beautiful night in Times Square
Una noche hermosa en Times Square

Waiting for the Subway
Esperando el tren

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Hil said...

lovely pictures!! so glad i finally got to meet her! she was so fun and so sweet. im sure you miss her already, as you are right-- nothing like a mother's love. glad you ladies got to enjoy quality time together, especially at the end of a crazy semester!!