Monday, March 10, 2014

March Ministry Madness

     As part of the young adult ministry I am helping to lead at my neighborhood parish, we are showing the bible series which the History Channel showcased last year.  After meeting with the Monsignor, we decided it would be a great activity to prepare and lead us through this Lent season. We are showing one 45-minute episode and having 15 minutes of reflection every Sunday until Easter.  It has been slightly challenging to get people to come but each day it seems like more and more people show up.  I am grateful to the Lord for this ministry and pray that it can provide folks with nourishment in their relationship with the Lord.  The interesting thing happening is that most of the people who are showing up are not necessarily young adults.  Of course, no one is turned away.  I've just had some struggles with the way older people process information and tend to take over conversations.  It has taught me how to set boundaries and also how to be patient with others. I find myself feeling more and more comfortable each Sunday with facilitating the reflection time.  I struggle with speaking in front of others.  I also lack confidence in what I have to say, I guess somehow I am afraid that what I will say is wrong.  I know the only way to get past this feeling, is to practice.  I guess this is practice.  God has provided me the platform in this lay ministry program to practice these things.  I am grateful my supervisor is helping to guide me through this process.

    In fact, a few weeks ago my supervisor in the program came to supervise me during one of the bible episodes and see how I facilitate the reflection time.  Afterwards, she said to me "I would like to see you do more evangelizing."  It was empowering to hear her say this.  In my history of being active in the church and working with priests, I had never heard anyone tell me this.  Here was my supervisor, a woman and lay leader of her parish, encouraging me to evangelize.  She spoke to me as if she felt confident in what I had to say.  She spoke to me as if I already had the potential and capacity in me to evangelize.  This to me is revolutionary in the Catholic Church, where women are not allowed to evangelize.  I think her saying that in front of the Monsignor may have made him feel a bit uncomfortable too.  I admire her courage and know that I have a responsibility to answer that call.  There are no coincidences, and God did not place her in my path to be taken lightly.  God is working in all of us.

     Since then I must say God has opened up opportunities for me to pray and evangelize.  God has also been expanding my horizons to learn about other faiths.  In the lay ministry program we only had two sessions of our inter-religious dialogue course, but God has provided me with more instruction and reflection on this topic and how important it is in my profession as a social worker.  Here are some of the amazing events I have been a part of lately:

Faith Rooted Organizing Conference
Social Work and Religious Diversity
Advocacy Academy

    It has been quite madness this March but it is all for the glory of God!!  I hope to be able to share some reflections from these events in future posts.  I am grateful to my Lord and Savior for these blessings that enrich and nourish my heart, spirit, and soul.  I hope that I can be an instrument of the Lord's peace and be disciplined, organized, and obedient to His calling.


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