Friday, March 26, 2010

The gift of expression through writing

So as of yesterday afternoon I am officially journaless. I finished writing in the journal I began in December of last year. Now I definitely have to go get myself a new one. I saw one online and maybe I will order it with the gift card that Chikybean sent me, she will be very pleased to hear that I spent it on something so meaningful to me and to her as well…the gift of expression through writing…so lovely. I am actually looking forward to getting my box of old journals in Chicago. For some reason I remember Rawle out of all my journals. That is the only one I gave a name to though I can picture also most of my journals in my head. Some of them were gifts, some were just regular notebooks, there are plain ones, colorful ones, and even binders with paper in them. I remember one of my first journals came from me challenging myself to write something everyday on a page and place it in a binder so I suppose I have 365 pages in that binder. Its funny how I was challenging myself at such an early age, if only blogging was available then…lol.

Anyhow, so I remember Rawle the bright blue journal that was about 5 X 7 in size and had one of those little black elastics used to close up the journal. I really loved that journal and giving it a name made me feel like it was my special friend. I may not have had imaginary person friends but my journals felt like good old friends that I can say ANYTHING to. I remember I also loved stuffed animals growing up and often longed for them to one day come to life. Then again I was watching lots of Disney movies and movies like the Never-ending Story with the talking dog and the rock man which I still have in my DVD collection. Such tender memories about childhood that I am glad that I have. Its nice to hold on to the good times in a time where so many of us are always focusing on the tough times. A good friend of mine once said “During bad times, remember that good times follow.”

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