Sunday, May 9, 2010

Slowly but surely blooming...

Ever since I started praying again I have been feeling more like myself. The holy spirit has really inspired me in many ways. For instance I have ran into a few online blogs that have really inspired and encouraged me to be more creative. One in particular has been Kelly Rae Roberts. Her blog is truly amazing. It is a step by step process from her unleashing her possibilities and letting herself bloom into even more than what she imagined. Just allowing herself to be led by spirit and not letting herself get defeated by negative thoughts, has allowed her to reach places she never even imagined. She went from blogging, to writing, to getting her book published, her own online business, and a whole lot of doors opened up after that. Its really all about just doing it like Nike says in their slogan. Even if you have to constantly tell yourself "just do it" every time your mind plays tricks on you by discouraging you.

I've had a few things I've been wanting to do for a while now, like something with my poetry, photos, collaging, and just doing more artsy stuff. Lord knows I am somehow trying to make room for it at home but sometimes I have to take some projects portable to my job. Its a little frustrating not having much space to do it at home, but I strongly feel that God is preparing me for something big and I must keep on pushing forward even though it's not quite certain yet how everything is going to happen, but I trust in the Lord and know that the Holy Spirit is going to guide my feet in the right direction.

So far I have just been creating little projects for people's birthdays or other occasions, but unfortunately I have no document of my work. I realize now that when I finish a project i need to take a photo of it to add it to my portfolio. I am going to definitely start doing that. We shall see what other divine ideas does the Holy Spirit have in store.....thank you God.

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