Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Creative Journey to SPIRIT

I have recently embarked on an amazing creative journey. Since the last time I posted on my blog things have been unraveling so organically. I began to ask the Holy Spirit to place its divine ideas in my head and place my feet in the right direction and this is where it has lead me...toward art. Just last week Sunday I began an online e-course offered by Kelly Rae Roberts who has been a great inspiration for me on this creative journey. I think she is an amazing communicator and I am so grateful that she has shared the unraveling of her creative journey that has inspired me so greatly. I can relate to many things in her life, like her love of helping others in the field of social work and her fears of success. I truly admire her honesty and I am learning so much from this e-course.

I also started my collage art class at the Cooper Union last Thursday. I find collage art so therapeudic and hope to give workshops using the medium someday as therapy for others. I like my instructor and my peers and just being in the new Cooper building surrounded by creative folks really inspires me to keep moving forward. I've already received our second collage art project for Thursday which is to build a social satire photomontage. Its a bit challenging because I don't remember the last time I used satire in my work. I usually will write angry poems or happy poems. I like photos with smiles in them and although satire doesn't have to be dark, it usually involves ridiculing others. I want to choose something I feel really strongly about and run with it. Let's see what transpires!

I am so grateful to God for this creative journey. The other day I went to the Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn and had such a great time looking at all the handmade creations. There are truly some very creative and talented people out there. Maybe one day I can participate in such a fair and showcase some of my own work. Thats the idea...like a butterfly I am ready to soar to new heights...

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