Sunday, June 13, 2010

A little creativity

This is what actually came out of the collage I had to create for class. I was given the assignment two days in advance and had been thinking of it since but come Thursday I still wasn't sure. I prayed about it and kept going about my day when during lunch I picked up my Julia Cameron book and fell upon this quote: "The enchantment of New York lies in its big dreams, the reality of New York lies in its small living space." How true and significant was this for me. I immediately imagined a collage that reflected the quote. It would be a piece with a twist of sarcasm. I love living in New York City but sometimes I want to pull the hairs out of my head with my small apartment. It's probably not even as small as most places in New York but compared to my previous apartment in Chicago, its tiny. One cannot spend too much time indoors. Which eventually balances out because New York City is about going out there to hustle and juggle all sorts of jobs, internships, volunteering, gigs, etc etc. With the rush of New York, there is hardly time to be indoors.

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