Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Oh Van Gogh….

Last week for class we had to recreate a famous work of art. See if you can guess which one I did, it's one of my favorites. This project was actually the most challenging so far. I originally had started out with one idea but in class I changed my mind and this is what came of it. At one point I wasn't even liking what was being created but I just kept pushing myself and it didn't turn out so bad after all. A few people familiar with the painting were able to identify my recreation. I guess I accomplished my goal. This week, however, is a whole different project. I will be working on a SELF-PORTRAIT. My instructor told us it does not have to look like us it just has to feel like us so I can do a lot with it. Let's see what gives?


Anonymous said...

Hi Rose

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Kerri said...

ah- starry starry night. i love vincent. ;)

Vivian said...

I like your collage there! nice mixture of colors. I think I'd like to do something like that someday -like a mosaic type thing... yah right! That's what I say about scrapbooking too -end up doing nothing. I did a couple pages once -didn't really seem thrilling to me. I almost just wanna throw some pictures in an album and thats it. Keep using your imagination and let it soar!!!!