Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I almost didn't make it to the gym today. Yesterday was my first day back in a long while. I got on that scale and was disappointed in how I've let myself go. Story of our lives right? Its hard to accept when we don't fit into our clothes anymore. That is my cue to make a change. The hardest part about a workout routine is the beginning. Yesterday I did weights and cardio, and today I planned to take a triple fat burner aerobics class. At work I was not feeling too well. Everything was against me going to the gym. Im telling you the devil will break you down at your weakest point, and right now my weakness is food. I was super cranky at work today just thinking about having to change my diet...no more comfort food.

By the grace of God and reciting prayer under my breath...I made it to the gym. The aerobics class was super challenging for me but I was doing my best and I knew that I had already won this battle...thanks to my Lord guiding me through righteous paths. I came out of that gym feeling GREAT! and VICTORIOUS and even though this is only the beginning I know it will not be long before I have a spring in my step.

Prayer really helps me push myself to do the things I need to better myself . The devil doesn't like it when we pray to our Lord. When I stepped into that gym the devil disappeared and the Lord carried me through. It is really a beautiful thing. We must love ourselves enough to want to care for our well being. I pray that I can develop better eating habits and always put in some exercise in my daily routine. When I feel good about myself, I can feel good about others, and serve the Lord gracefully and with a smile.

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