Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Daily Inspirations...

Last night I received a beautiful e-mail from my best friend that made my heart skip a is part of it:

"Glad to see you are using writing as an outlet for your feelings as well as a spiritual outlet. It inspired me to go back to my spiritual self and to also remember that I am in control of my life. It also reminded me that the Lord takes any space you can give him, and I want to give him my whole heart so that he may work through me to bring peace and spirituality to my family as well as my community. I am excited to be able to open my heart and soul to the lord..."

Isn't that beautiful?..I am truly grateful for my best friend and special bond we have always shared..we are definitely spiritual sisters, soul mates, and each other's biggest fan : )

Today I also received a beautiful message from this kind and spiritual blogger who made me realize that not only my family is inspired by my blog but even folks out there who are entering my world for the very first time. I have always been an avid journal writer with notebook and pen but only for my eyes. I've realized over time that its okay to share thoughts and experiences with others, in fact its like planting a seed and seeing where it can bloom. I am grateful for her kind words of inspiration and look forward to continue to be inspired by her.

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tina matilde said...

thank you for your kind words. we never really realize how much of an effect we'll have on others, even those that we don't know personally. i'm happy to hear that the feeling of inspiration is mutual :)