Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thrifty Thursday

Today I had the morning and afternoon free so I decided to visit a few thrift stores. One of them was in the town of Woodside which I visit quite often. It was actually a Salvation Army family store and its pretty huge. I have been there before to drop stuff off but not to actually go inside and check out the treasures within. There wasn't much to catch my eye except the mounds of books on the shelves and this little jewelry trinket I thought was really cute. Diego went on my thrift store adventure with me and we ended up having lunch in Woodside at this little place called Sweet Basil. The place was full of cute scenery and the food was good and very colorful. We shared one of our favorite Thai Soups-the coconut milk soup with chicken. It was delicious!

We had one more thrift store to visit all the way on Merrick Blvd which took us about half hour to get to. This place was advertised as a BIG flea market and the only thing big about it was the sign outside that read: Flea Market today. We didn't even stay ten minutes there and decided to just head back home. The adventure turned out to be a bit frustrating but I am glad we took the time to make it happen. I am grateful that we spent some quality time getting to know our favorite borough of Queens : )

Here are some photos of the day:

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tina matilde said...

glad to hear you took some time out to have an adventure :)