Tuesday, January 3, 2012

the spirit of learning

I truly am grateful for today’s daily word (below). It makes me think about how we are capable of learning so many things on our own. This society tends to make us think we need to go back to school or we need to spend money to learn something new. Meanwhile we possess the spirit of learning within. It takes a lot of self-discipline to learn something on our own but it is truly possible. For example, I remember I once wanted to go to cooking school. No so much because I wanted to make a career out of it, it was just because I wanted to learn the basics. Thankfully I never spent the money to go to school, and learned the basics and beyond on my own. I have a few recipes under my belt and the more I cook the more I realize its not that difficult to follow a recipe. I talk about cooking because I feel that its such an important skill to know. Cooking at home with fresh ingredients is better for our bodies than constantly eating out. Just yesterday I was having a conversation with my sweet mother about food. I was giving her alternatives to satisfying her sweet tooth. She buys certain things thinking they are healthy. For example, Arizona Iced Tea has tons of sugar in it. She buys it thinking she is choosing a healthier alternative juice. I told her to try crystal light instead. She says she loves eating crackers, I told her to look for the boxes that say low sodium or to try veggie crackers. I also know that she shops at the Spanish grocery store that does not often have healthy alternatives. I told her to check out Aldi’s because they tend to have healthier alternatives to snacks. Its difficult to teach ourselves new habits but its worth it to stay in good health and feel good.

This year marks one whole year that I quit drinking coffee and trained myself to drink herbal teas. I remember I was diagnosed with IBS in the beginning of the year and I knew I had to eliminate certain things from my diet. I began with caffeine and realized that was a HUGE reason for my condition. I haven’t had an IBS flare up in a while and I can eat whatever I choose as long as I have my green tea in the morning or something that has fiber like granola cereal or oatmeal. I am grateful to God for allowing me to make this drastic change in my life. I had been drinking coffee since I was very young and never thought I would be able to eliminate it from my diet, but thankfully I did.

In the spirit of learning, I would like to teach myself how to paint and how to combine paint with collaging. Even with collaging, I know I can do it and I know I enjoy it but I just cannot bring myself to do it. For example, a day like today I have time to do collaging but I have something fighting against me and I don’t know what it is. I pray to the Lord to help me push through these feelings of inadequacy or whatever it is so that I can get inspired to create the pieces of art that are waiting to be created.


I am in tune with infinite intelligence.

Whether I am a student trying to comprehend a textbook, an employee learning the requirements of a new job, or a fledgling driver learning to drive a car, I remember there is only one Mind--Divine Mind--and this Mind is in all.

Whatever I may be learning, the process is easier and simpler if I remember that Divine Mind gives me the power to learn and comprehend. I find it easy to learn new things when I keep myself in tune with infinite intelligence.

I am lifted out of fear and tension as I attune myself with Divine Mind. I am free from any feeling of inadequacy. God's Spirit of success is within me, and I am capable of succeeding at whatever I choose to learn.

We have the mind of Christ.--1 Corinthians 2:16

-message from www.dailyword.com January 3, 2012

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